Who is the most valuable footballer on Earth?

    It’s a question that is asked by millions of fans all over the world. The answer is simple: Lionel Messi. The Argentine has won the most titles, the most cups, the highest goals scored, the best individual skills, and the best form.

    The question of the most expensive footballer on the planet is a difficult one to answer, because the list of the best players is so long and includes some of the world’ best athletes. However, the following players are the most important for their clubs:
    1. Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has won a lot of titles, and his performance on the field is the best in the world, especially when it comes to the number of goals scored.
    2. Messi. He is the main player of Barcelona, and he is the one who has won most trophies.
    3. Neymar. The Brazilian has won many titles, as well as the most prestigious club tournament, the Copa America.
    4. Mbappé. The Frenchman is one of the main stars of the PSG football team.
    5. Eden Hazard. The Belgian is a great goalkeeper, and has won several titles.
    6. Aubameyang. The Russian has won three Champions League titles, two League Cups, and a couple of Europa League trophies. He has also been the best player of the Champions League for a long time.
    7. Ozil. The German has won two Champions League trophies, as many Bundesliga, and two Champions Leagues.
    8. Auba. The Nigerian has won one Champions League, one Europa League, and one Super Cup.
    9. Pogba. The French player has won four Champions League and one Europa Cup. He also has won five Bundesliga titles. He was the best midfielder in the French league for many years.
    10. Suarez. The Uruguayan has won seven Champions League cups, two Bundesliga, one Champions Leauge, and three Super Cups.
    The list of most expensive football players is long, and it can be seen that the list is constantly changing. The latest data shows that the average price of a footballer is about 2.5 million euros.
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    Will Lionel Messi’ s departure affect Barcelona?
    The departure of Messi from the club has already been announced. However the situation is still unclear. The main question is how the club will be able to compete for the title.
    Barcelona has many talented players, but the main one is Lionel Messi, who is considered to be the best football player of all time. The Argentinian has won over 30 trophies, and is the leader of the club.
    However, the team needs to find a new leader, because now it is not possible to keep the leader for a very long time, because he is not able to perform the maximum number of matches.
    Messi is the only one who can decide the fate of the team. He can leave the club, or he can decide to stay and help the club to win the title again.
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    What are the main factors that will affect the performance of the Barcelona team?
    Barça is one the most successful teams in the history of the Spanish championship. The team has won almost all the trophies in the Spanish league, and they have won the Champions Cup several times.
    There is a long list of players who have won this trophy, but Messi is the undisputed leader of this team. The Barcelona player has scored more than 1,000 goals, and this is not an exaggeration.
    Despite this, the club is not going to be able compete for gold medals for a while. The following factors can affect the team’ performance:
    * the lack of motivation of the players;
    * a bad selection of players; and
    * lack of experience of the leaders.
    If the team does not have a good selection of leaders, then the performance will not be good.
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    Where can you find the latest football news?
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