Match day Tottenham – Chelsea live score and results

    The match between Tottenham and Chelsea was a tough match for both teams. Tottenham was the main favorite of the match, but Chelsea was able to take advantage of the misfires of Tottenham. The first half of the game was quite tense, and the score was at the half-way line. However, the second half was more balanced, and Tottenham managed to take the lead in the last minutes.
    After the break, the score changed, and Chelsea managed to get the victory. The final score of the final match was 3:1 for Tottenham.
    The first half was quite intense, and it was not until the end of the half that the score of Chelsea was equal to Tottenham. In the second part of the first half, Tottenham managed not to lose points, and managed to make the score 3:2.

    The second half of Tottenham -Chelsea was more dynamic, and there were no misfires. The score of Tottenham was 3 points before the end, and in the final part of first half Chelsea managed not only to get a point, but also to get to the equal score.
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    This season, Chelsea has been in a good shape. The team has been playing in the top-4 for several years, and this is the reason why they have managed to qualify for the Champions League. In this season, the team has a good chance to get into the playoffs, because the main rivals of Chelsea are Manchester United and Arsenal.
    In the last season, Manchester United was in a difficult position. The main rivals were Liverpool and Tottenham. Liverpool was in the Champions Cup, and Spurs was in Europa League. The last season was quite difficult for the team, because it lost a lot of points due to the misfire of the team.
    However, this season the team is in a better shape. This is due to several factors. First of all, the main goal of the club is to get in the playoffs. The players of the Mourinho’s team are very motivated, and they are ready to fight for the gold medals.
    Chelsea’ s chances of getting into the Champions league are also increasing. The club has a strong lineup, and many players are able to play in several positions. This allows the team to play several games at once.
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